May 1, 2019

Of Books Giveaway Hop: June Sign-up

Of Books Giveaway Hop: June Sign-up

HELLO AND WELCOME, lovely visitors, to the Of Books Giveaway Hop: June 2019 Sign-up, which I co-host with Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight!

Whether you’re a new or seasoned blogger, collaboration with peers through giveaway hops is an excellent source of new traffic, visitors, and engagement on the blog. For blog hosts, that means lots of new followers and page views. For followers, that means many opportunities to win free books. It’s a win-win!


Giveaway Guidelines

What this means for you? Glad you asked!

KIND OF NOTHING: I mean- granted, it’s a little different looking, but you just show up here like you always have, add your linky, and give books away! Easy peasy, right?

MORE HOPPERS: Combining our hops will hopefully bring more traffic to all our giveaways, so that’s never a bad thing.

HAVE A QUESTION: Feel free to e-mail FLYLēF Reviews or DM me if you have any concerns or questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them for you! And I appreciate your participation!!

Onto the Hop! Some info:

SIGN-UP: Please sign up only if you can commit to giving away a bookish gift, such as new release or gift card. If you need to drop out, we totally get it, stuff happens. Just give us a quick heads up.

DATE & TIME: The Hop *officially* starts on June 1st, and runs until June 30th at 11:59pm. The sign ups close on the 12th.

LINKS: We will remove links whose posts aren’t up by the 15th. Again, this is to ensure that people aren’t clicking around to pages without giveaways. If you happen to forget and then remember, no problem, just email or DM Shannon or I, and we will get you right back on the list! This is simply to make things easier for the entrants.

SETTING UP YOUR POST: From now on, we will be posting ALL INFO in Google Doc: June Of Books Giveaway Hop. So you won’t be getting an email from us- but if you need anything, PLEASE reach out!

PRIZE: Do indicate if you’ll be giving away internationally (thanks to The Book Depository, this is easy, yay!) E-books/gift cards are fine, specific books are fine, just make sure you’re clear on what the prize is! For example:

One (1) winner will receive a new book of their choice worth up to $10. Open internationally so long as The Book Depository ships to you.

LINK-UP: Add the linky to your blog post.

Have FUN!!



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