Nov 11, 2017

FLYTIP: Font Fervor

WELCOME TO FLYTIP, an original feature hosted here at FLYLēF to share blog design graphics and advices, as well as encourage related discussions. The topic for Saturday, November 11th, 2017 comes from my guest Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense, and her prompt is "FLYTIP: Font Fervor || How do you enhance your blog through fonts? Where would you recommend looking for fonts?"

Where do I even begin? I could talk about fonts incessantly, and still, not cover everything? After much consideration, I'm going to keep it fairly simple focusing on how to pair fonts and where to find fonts. How does that sound?



I'd like to focus on three kinds of font styles: script, serif, and san serif. (Click on the link to see samples.) In generally, I like to pair two of these styles. Three is not forbidden, though, when in doubt, less is alway better.


For a more professional and clean presentation, I like to use a bold san serif with a serif font. Feature here are the fonts Futura and Berkeley.


As you know, I love modern calligraphy such a letter brushing. It's so whimsical. Featured here are the fonts Wallows and Josefin Sans



Font Squirrel is my favorite place to find new fonts. Another source that I recently discovered is FontSpace. Both are great places to download free fonts.

Font Squirrel



I'd love to see your post! Add your link so that I, and others, can visit. Links that do not directly go to your FLYTIP post will be removed. Submissions end after 30 days.


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What is your favorite font? Font pairing?


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