Aug 19, 2017

FLYTIP: Bookstagrams

WELCOME TO FLYTIP, an original feature hosted here at FLYLēF to share blog design graphics and advices, as well as encourage related discussions. The topic for Saturday, August 19th 2017, is "FLYTIP: Bookstagrams || Share 5-10 of your favorite book photographs. Please join even if you don't have an Instagram account."

I can still measure my digital footprint on Instagram in terms of days—less than 100 days, roughly. It's a uniquely different social media experience because it's pure visual bliss. I don't know what I'm doing on Instagram yet, but I love it and I think I'll stay for a while. Below are a few photos that have garnered good responses, or I just simply love it and what to share with you. If you'd like to see more, visit me @flylefreviews.




The Six of Crows duology are so lovely. It's hard to take a bad photo (I think) of these gorgeous books.


• • MOST LIKES • •


This photo was so well received. Now, I have a basket of cranes for the kiddies to play with. :)




I love brush lettering. I try to practice it whenever I can. Most of the time, it's just on scraps littered all over my house, but I love it when I can put it to more fun use like here.




OMG guys! When Disney Books asked to re-gram this photo, I was so thrilled. Since then, I've had very positive and sweet author feedbacks. This is my fuel to keep doing this.


• • FIRST POST • •


A bit of throw-back to my very first photos that I took so, so, so many long days ago. Kidding. It's only been three months. Hehe.


I'd love to see your post! Add your link so that I, and others, can visit. Links that do not directly go to your FLYTIP post will be removed. Submissions end after 30 days.


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How are your favorite Bookstagrammers?


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