Jul 7, 2017

FLYTIP: Image Creation

WELCOME TO FLYTIP, an original feature hosted here at FLYLēF to share blog design graphics and advices, as well as encourage related discussions. The topic for Saturday, July 8th 2017, is "FLYTIP: Image Creation || What are some of your favorite tools to create images for your blog?"

Quite frankly, when I initially proposed this prompt, I was thinking more along the lines of computer software that I use to create digital images. However, after percolating on this topic a little more, I thought it would be fun to broaden the scope of this discussion to share my real life image creation tools.


• • CAMERA • •

I think the camera is an amazing tool. It's a great way to add unique images to your blog. Above is a photo I took for my Instagram account. I simply added a message and turned it into an original post image.



I'm too embarrassed to show you anything that I've sketched on a whim, but never underestimate the super power of the #2 pencil! These bold yellow sticks have helped me capture many ephemeral ideas that would have escaped this scattered brain and never come to fruition. I don't mind working in graphite to create black and white images. My theory is that if something looks good colorless, then it's much easier to make it look good with colors. However, if you prefer to work with colors, my favorite is Prisma color pencils. Their soft cores and richly saturated pigments make beautiful pictures.



And, what would drawing implements be without an actually drawing book to capture it all? I still have sketch books dating back to my college years. Let's just say that that's a long time ago. I generally have one for my professional career, one for my blogging, and one for whatever else that seems to require a lot of brainstorming. Of course, the ideas cross over from book to book. But, that's okay because the best ideas for me are fluid ones without boundaries.


• • ADOBE CS • •

My last tool that I'd like to share with you is Adobe CS. This is where I create all my digital designs. Photoshop and Illustrator are very powerful tools. If you can think it, these tools can probably create it. If you don't have Adobe CS, another software that seems to be very prolific in the blog-o-sphere is Canva, though, I've not tried it.

I'd love to see your post! Add your link so that I, and others, can visit. Links that do not directly go to your FLYTIP post will be removed. Submissions end after 30 days.


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What are some of your favorite tools to create images?

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