May 26, 2017

FLYTIP: Dog-Ear-Me-Not

WELCOME TO FLYTIP, an original feature hosted here at FLYLēF to share blog design graphics and advices, as well as encourage related discussions. The topic for Saturday, May 27th 2017, is "FLYTIP: Dog-Ear-Me-Not || What are some creative ways you've saved your place in a book?"

I really enjoy purchasing bookmarks. Yet, when I actually need one, they are never within reach. Rather than go in search of one, my laziness has prompted some unusual (I'd like to think of it as creative) ways to mark my spot in a book.



The dusk jacket on Crooked Kingdom, by Leigh Bardugo, is gorgeous and functional.



Collector's edition, like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition by J.K. Rowling, comes with a bound bookmark, which enables me to return to where I left off with ease.



This is actually my favorite impromptu bookmark because (1) it marks my place in a book, and (2) tells me when my book is due back to the library.



I like to memorize my spot in a book. It's a game I play to challenge my memory. I won't lie; this method might result in some re-reading. :D


• • E-BOOKMARK • •

This method falls shy of being creative, and could have just as easily be titled Do Nothing, Be Ultimately Lazy Bookmark. But, I'll take help where ever I can, especially if I fall asleep reading in bed. When I continue the story the next day, my device opens up exactly where I left off. Yay!


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How do you mark your reading spot in a book? Do you use any of these methods?

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