Jan 17, 2017

Queen of Chaos by Kat Ross || Blog Tour Review with Giveaway

THE THIRD AND final book in The Fourth Element series, Queen of Chaos, is coming out on January 18th! Kat Ross is a gifted author destined to take the fantasy genre by storm. Read on for details about the book, my review, and author information. Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post for a chance to win 1 of 10 ebooks of her new Victorian-era mystery—The Daemoniac (A Dominion Mystery 1).


Queen of Chaos by Kat Ross || Blog Tour Review with Giveaway



Persepolae has fallen.

Karnopolis has burned.

As the dark forces of the Undead sweep across what remains of the empire, Nazafareen must obey the summons of a demon queen to save Darius's father, Victor. Burdened with a power she doesn't understand and can barely control, Nazafareen embarks on a perilous journey through the shadowlands to the House-Behind-the-Veil. But what awaits her there is worse than she ever imagined...

A thousand leagues away, Tijah leads a group of children on a desperate mission to rescue the prisoners at Gorgon-e Gaz, the stronghold where the oldest daēvas are kept. To get there, they must cross the Great Salt Plain, a parched ruin occupied by the armies of the night. A chance encounter adds a ghost from the past to their number. But will they arrive in time to avert a massacre?

And in the House-Behind-the-Veil, Balthazar and the Prophet Zarathustra discover that they have more in common than meets the eye. But is it enough to redeem the necromancer's bloodstained soul and thwart his mistress's plans?

As a final showdown looms with Queen Neblis, the truth of the daēvas' origins is revealed and three worlds collide in this thrilling conclusion to the Fourth Element series.

Publication Date is January 18th 2017: Goodreads | Amazon

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

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book review rating 5 out of 5

IT’S LIKELY, YOU’LL never hear my name and the word fangirl mentioned in the same breath. Yet, I’m not shy about gushing over authors like Kat Ross. I can’t help but praise Queen of Chaos, the conclusion to The Fourth Element series. It is a riveting ending that has placed me firmly in the admirer camp, and will likely expand the number of readers in her sway. Fantasy lovers who enter this world will be wooed by its expansive world-building, soul-crushing romance, deeply layered characters, and page-turning twists.

Queen of Chaos picks right up where Blood of the Prophet ended, with Darius and Nazafareen entering the Dominion at the summon of the undead leader, Queen Neblis, to save Darius's father, Victor. Their journey takes them deep into the terrifyingly, gorgeous enchantments of the Dominion. The world-building is fierce and vibrant, and seems to grow bigger and bigger as the daēvas' origins are finally revealed. The three worlds collide in this thrilling conclusion spectacularly.

With Darius and Nazafareen nearing Queen Neblis’ House-Behind-the-Veil, Tijah and the daēva children attempt a desperate rescue mission to free the prisoners at Gorgon-e Gaz. Two simultaneous storyline, both filled with nonstop action and dangerous encounters, will bring the series to a brutal climax that illustrates the power of love in its many guises.

Darius and Naz’s story has made a deep impression on me, one I will surely not forget. Their adventure, set in richly vibrant worlds and filled with fiercely drawn characters, is a twisty and well written story that effortlessly turns the page toward a riveting conclusion. I’m content to let them go (for now) as I bid my farewell with...The End.

{Thank you Kat Ross and Acorn Publishing for kindly giving me this book free of charge, which does not influence my review.}



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Kat Ross worked as a journalist at the United Nations for ten years before happily falling back into what she likes best: making stuff up. She lives in Westchester with her kid and a few sleepy cats. Kat is also the author of the dystopian thriller Some Fine Day (Skyscape, 2014), about a world where the sea levels have risen sixty meters. She loves magic, monsters and doomsday scenarios. Preferably with mutants.

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