Sep 26, 2016

Fall Forward

AWE, BEAUTIFUL AUTUMN. September 22nd marked the first day of the new season. I secretly think that fall is Mother Nature’s canvas to show us just how lovely it is to let things go. Whether it is the gorgeous, mosaic splendor of the falling leaves, or the quiet echoing of your own footsteps with children back in school, September marks a golden opportunity for change.

At FLYLēF, I’d like to shake things up a bit. I’ve gotten into a comfortable pattern of posting reviews and giveaways, which can be very predictable...very boring. To provide readers with more valuable content, I have a few new ideas I will be implementing. I will be sharing them in detail in the coming months. But, here is a sneak peak. Change can be scary; it can be exciting. Let’s embrace change as we fall forward.

Since December of last year, I've been participating in the New Release Giveaway Hop hosted by Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight. It's been a pleasure hopping along with you Shannon! I will definitely continue until the end of this year, at which time, I'll be spreading my wings and joining the ranks of giveaway hosts. I’ll host a Book of Choice Giveaway Hop each month, AND ALL GENEROUS GIVEAWAY HOSTS WILL BE ENTERED IN A GIVEAWAY EXCLUSIVELY FOR THEM!!! Full details coming soon.

Are you a parent? Teacher? Librarian? Author? Or, just someone who enjoys instilling the love of reading in our youths? INKY INSPIRE is very dear to my heart because it’s a special project I’d like to share with my boys. I’ve always known that when I started FLYLēF, I would fold them in somewhere, somehow. It’s been a long percolation process, but I think I have a plan now. I’d like to invite you and your little ones to join me in creating an online community to inspire young readers. There will be lots to come about this. I really, really hope you’d join me.

I thought I could make FLYLēF all about books. My peers have shown me a slightly different perspective—that I also enjoy getting to know them and how they are doing, in addition to what they are reading. It hasn’t escaped me that I’m far from forthcoming about who I am. Yes, I'm shy. :) And while this hasn’t been an easy decision, I think it’s time that I open up to you. Discover what makes And, god forbid, there will be a mug shot.

If you didn’t know, and why would you? (See note about being shy above.) I’m a professional graphic and Web designer. The Blogger platform hasn’t been the best place for me to showcase my skills but if you’d like to see something a bit more eye-catching, visit FLYLēF website. FLYTIP is a way for me to share tools and tips, and even the occasional digital goodies, to help aspiring bloggers. I’ll have a treat in my first FLYTIP post. Do look out for that.

page divide

Do any of these sound interesting to you? Which are you most/least looking forward to see? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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