Feb 2, 2016

February...Of Love, Leap, Luck, and Lit(erature)

I REALLY ENJOY alliteration, as you can probably surmise from my title. This month will be quite busy and fun in both my blogging life and personal life. I usually don’t open up about myself too much, unless it’s to discuss books. Today is an exception. I’d like to share a little bit of myself with you. I hope you enjoy it. If not, tell me to stop it, and I will. Or, if you do enjoy it, I’d love to hear your encouragement, as well. Let’s get started shall we?

Of Love…

Photo courtesy of Make Them Wonder

I always thought Valentine’s Day could not get any better than when my husband entered my life. I was wrong! It got even better when my sons arrived. Valentine’s Day is so much more fun with my kids. I envy their innocence and ability to experience the holidays filled with renewed wonder and joy, and on rare occasions, even disappointments. Every emotion is so beautifully intense. This year I found these cute little mouse designs that I plan to make. I’ll make sure to take some photos to share with you in my March update. That is, if you don’t throw the proverbial “rocks” at me for veering away from book discussions.

Of Leap…

More time means more reading? Of course! 2016 is a leap year. Enjoy your leap day on February 29, 2016.

Of Luck…

Photo courtesy of Shawn Live—Love'N'Life

According to the lunisolar Chinese calendar, February 8, 2016 is the celebration of the Lunar New Year, or the Spring Festival. This is the year of the LUCKY MONKEY! If anyone is turning 12, 24, 36, or any other multiples of 12, it is believed (in some cultures) to be an especially lucky year for you because it’s your zodiac year.

Even though I’m not Chinese (my children are — half that is), my culture celebrates the Lunar New Year, too. Customarily, it is lucky for me to pass out red envelopes with a bit of cash. I can’t give you cash, per say. However, I’ll be joining the February New Release Giveaway Hop, hosted by the fabulous Shannon at It Starts at Midnight. I'll be giving one lucky person a book of their choice up to $20. Check back later this month for more information.

Of Literature…

As this is a book blog, I can’t let you go without some bookish discussion. Since love is in the air, this month is all about romance novels. Here is the line-up (all link to Amazon until I can put reviews up).


Also, don't forget to check out last month's book reviews (all link to my reviews).

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