Dec 11, 2015

In Celebration of 1958

2016 Goodreads Challenge

I DID IT! I don't know what possessed me to join the 2015 Goodreads Challenge, especially so late in the year (summer, I believe). The hardest part was to have the reading meter constantly reminding me that I'm (some number) books behind schedule. But, I would not be deterred. I know that perhaps 25 books is an abysmally low number compared to my blogging peers. I admire their tenacity, and am in no way envious of their accomplishments. Because…

This challenge was never about how much I could read; rather, it was a personally challenge to remind myself to step back from the rat race, slow down, and savor life in the moment with the simple joy of loosing myself in a new book—a new world.

So, what will my 2016 Goodreads Challenge entail? Well, I was thinking of dedicating it to my beautiful mother. She was born in 1958, and she will be celebrating her 58th birthday in 2016. Oh, the serendipity! Which would make 58 a pprreettyy good looking number, wouldn't you agree? I couldn't have planned this even if I tried.

My 2015 Challenge links to Goodreads. View Lonna | FLYLeF's profile.

Lonna's 2015-challenge book montage

A Monster Calls
The Runaway King
The Scribe
The Singer
The Secret
A Discovery of Witches
Chase the Dark
The Girl on the Train
The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
Silver Linings
Bind the Soul
Yield the Night
Reap the Shadows
Silent in the Grave
Court of Nightfall
House of Ravens
Rarity from the Hollow
Witness Through Time
Heart of Iron

DISCUSSION: What challenges do you plan to participate in 2016? How many books do you plan to read?

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