Dec 8, 2015

Feed the Flames (Steel and Stone 3.5)

Feed the Flames book cover

by Annette Marie
book review rating 3 out of 5

FEED THE FLAMES, by Annette Marie, is an itty bitty novella that explains the fate of Seiya and Lyre following the conclusion of Yield the Night (Steel and Stone 3). For a short story, I was pleasantly surprised that it was still emotionally dense and highly entertaining.

This novella has completely changed my impression of Lyre and improved my perception of Seiya. I've always enjoyed Lyre, but I never saw him as anything more than Ash's dear friend and hopeless flirt. As for Seiya, I've always just tolerated her impetuous character. I have misunderstood these characters.

Lyre is an incubus—a very sexy incubus. But, hidden behind a “constant stream of jokes and inappropriate humor that [keeps] anyone from looking at him too closely” is a man with carefully guarded secrets. His past is shrouded in mystery and he carries with him a story laden with untold pain and scars that are highly intriguing. If you happen to read this Ms. Annette, I’m officially petitioning a new series with Lyre as the starring role. Please, and thank you.

I’ve always found Seiya to be a little immature and hotheaded. She lacks depth and blames all of her and Ash’s troubles on poor Piper. So, I shelved her away as the temperamental, yet protective younger sister. Feed the Flames shows a different side of Seiya. I really enjoyed the dialogues between Seiya and Lyre while they were imprisoned by their captors. Through the tête-à-tête, it gave me a glimpse of her internal struggles. It was nice to see that underneath the angry exterior, there is a compassionate and fierce woman waiting to emerge.

The story ends with a thrilling, heart-pounding escape attempt that left me wanting more. I do like this novella. Though, it's really too short for me to develop a deep fondness for it. I do appreciate the supporting characters much more. I look forward to seeing them in Reap the Shadows (Steel and Stone 4) and Unleash the Storm (Steel and Stone 5).

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