Sep 17, 2015

House of Ravens (The Nightfall Chronicles 2)

House of Ravens book cover

by Karpov Kinrade
book review rating 4 out of 5

I WAS LEFT feeling emotional raw after turning the last page of Karpov Kinrade’s House of Ravens (The Nightfall Chronicles 2). I can’t go into the specifics or I may say too much. But, this I can share: An unspeakable tragedy falls upon one of my favorite characters. I am still saddened and shocked by the turn of events. I wish you would take it back Mr. and Mrs. Karpov Kinrade. I’m upset! I’m in denial!

I accept.

At almost twice the number of pages compared to Court of Nightfall, the second installment – House of Ravens – definitely reads as a more thoroughly fleshed out story. The action scenes are captivating. There were times when I would catch myself thinking, Run Scarlett. Get out. Now! This is balanced nicely with slower periods allowing me to better connect with the characters. A few of my favorites include: dangerous and manipulative King Varian, mysterious and noble Prince Kai, utterly charming Prince Wytt, and beautiful and selfless Princess Corinne. I enjoyed these new characters very much and liked the dynamic way they fold into Scarlett’s story.

Hurled into a foreign life as a new Initiate at Castle Vianney, Scarlett fights to rise above her classmates with one sole purpose – to destroy the Orders from within. From outside the castle walls, she dons the mask of Nightfall. Together with Zorin and the Shadow of Rome, she unites the rebels to stand against the Order.

Living a dual life comes with many sacrifices. However, it is good to see that Scarlett is not entirely alone and that there is still happiness in her life. Fans of Jax may begin to waiver their affections, much like Scarlett, when the chivalrous Kai competes for her heart. I don’t particular enjoy love triangles; I believe there are other ways to introduce tension to a relationship other than a third party. What’s even stranger is when Zorin begins to drop hints that he, too, may be smitten with Scarlett. Wow! A love…square? Silly as this may seem, the romantic interactions are enduring, if not complicated.

This book would have been nearly perfect if not for the writing errors. It’s hard for me to overlook good editing especially at this professional level when readers are asked to purchase the book. I saw it in Court of Nightfall, and I see it again here. But, if you can see pass that, you will discover a phenomenal story that ends with a very emotional and heart-wrenching conclusion worthy of every tear.

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