Sep 2, 2015

A Glance Back at August

WELCOME BACK STUDENTS! I can hardly believe school is already back in session. While my days of attending university is behind me, I do feel the excitement of the new academic year with my little men returning to montessori. Gone are the lazy mornings of sleeping in and replaced with the blaring alarm at the rude hour of (insert time here). But, before that first pop quiz, let's enjoy one of these wonderful titles from August.

Chase the Dark (Steel and Stone 1)
by Annette Marie

CHASE THE DARK, by Annette Marie, is a very promising start to the Steel and Stone series – a young adult contemporary fantasy...
Bind the Soul (Steel and Stone 2)
by Annette Marie

WITH THE SCANDAL of the Sahar Stone behind her and her innocence proven, Piper has never been more terrified. For unknowingly...
Yield the Night (Steel and Stone 3)
by Annette Marie

TAP. TAP. TAP. My mint-colored nails are tapping against the back of my Kindle. I’m looking at my reading progress – 26%...
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
by Jonas Jonasson

I TOOK TO this story like a leaf to the sky, leisurely floating in whatever direction the wind took. I was swept along with centenarian...
Silver Linings (Rose Harbor 4)
by Debbie Macomber

TO MY PLEASANT surprise, the Silver Linings is a heartwarming story about forgiveness and healing. It is uplifting and will leave...

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