Aug 17, 2015

Yield the Night (Steel and Stone 3)

Yield the Night book cover

by Annette Marie
book review rating 4 out of 5

TAP. TAP. TAP. My mint-colored nails are tapping against the back of my Kindle. I’m looking at my reading progress for Yield the Night (Steel and Stone 3) by Annette Marie – 26% completed, a quarter of the book in – and I’m starting to loose interest. It seems like I’ve already read this: Piper is taken by the Gaians and Mona wants her to help them rid Earth of daemons with the promise of unlocking her magic. That was part of the premise in Steel and Stone 1, yes? I’m growing concerned that this would fall into the “filler” book category leaving me with no other choice but an unfavorable critical review for the lack of a new development. 

To my chagrin, if the present version of me could travel back in time, she would be wagging her mint-colored nails at the past version of me and saying, “Oh ye of little faith.” Ms. Marie has my sincerest apologies for doubting her because this story is no doubt one of her best books, yet. 

Against Piper's will, the Gaians unlock her magic and all her fears come crashing - she will die if it's not resealed. More than ever, she needs Ash's help, and in a heartbeat he (and of course the sultry Lyre) answers her call. In a race against time, they must find a cure before it’s too late thus starting a chain of life and death events that held me unmoved in my seat. For in the later half of the story is a revelation so great, it shatters any and all doubts that I had during the earlier chapters. I asked for a new development and she gave me a unicorn!

Now I tap, tap, tap because I have to wait until October to find out what happens to Piper and Ash in Reap the Nights (Steel and Stone 4). If only the current version of me could travel to the future version of me. Sigh.

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