Aug 5, 2015

Silver Linings (Rose Harbor 4)

Silver Linings book cover

by Debbie Macomber
book review rating 3 out of 5

THIS REVIEW FOR the Silver Linings (Rose Harbor 4), by Debbie Macomber, marks a major milestone. It’s an ARC – the very first one at FLYLeF! I cannot express how excited I am. I don’t care that I won it in a giveaway; I don’t care that I wasn’t personally handpicked by Ms. Macomber herself. I. Shamelessly. Don’t. Care. I feel as though I’m finally with the cool kids gaining access to read manuscripts before they are released to the public. YAY!

Now on to the part about why you’re really here – the review!

To my pleasant surprise, the Silver Linings is a heartwarming story about forgiveness and healing. It is uplifting and will leave you feeling warmed and comforted.

Innkeeper Jo Marie Rose has always been fond of her handyman, Mark Taylor, but in a platonic way – or so she thought. When he reveals that he is in love with her, she comes to realize that he means more to her than she’s willing to admit. As she struggles with her newfound feelings, she welcomes two visitors. Coco Crenshaw and Katie Gilroy are in Cedar Grove to attend their 10-year high school reunion hoping to confront old ghosts and find closure.

There are several reasons why I didn’t rate this book higher. 1) Jo Marie’s story is told in her own voice. Whereas Coco and Katie’s vignettes are in third person. This was distracting and the transitions were jarring. 2) The story centers mostly on the events at the high school reunion with too much immature high school-like dramas. 3) Coco’s confrontation with her ghost was short-lived and anticlimatic. And, her encounter with an old crush immediately following her “healing” was a little too picture perfect.

Despite these things, I couldn’t put the book down. And now I know why. Somehow and somewhere, Katie wiggled her way into my heart and I couldn’t help but adore her warmth, depth, and sacrifice. Oh, you are tricky Ms. Macomber, but in a good way.

Katie’s story is my silver lining. She came to the reunion with her heart in her hands to find forgiveness from the one person she’s ever truly loved – James Harper. Ms. Macomber could not have written a character more perfect and sweet than James. Now 10 years later, Katie needs to let him know why she broke his heart. She needs him to understand. She needs his forgiveness. Can the boy she loved, and still loves, forgive her?

…of all the girls in school, he’d chosen her. He’d loved her – deeply, profoundly loved her – more than anyone before.

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