Aug 3, 2015

Chase the Dark (Steel and Stone 1)

Chase the Dark book cover

by Annette Marie
book review rating 4 out of 5

CHASE THE DARK, by Annette Marie, is a very promising start to the Steel and Stone series – a young adult contemporary fantasy. It’s a light and fun read. But where it lacks in heftiness, it more than makes up with the intriguing characters and their nearly impossible undertakings.

Meet Piperel Griffiths – half human, half daemon – a haeman. All Piper ever wanted was to become a Consul, a keeper of peace between humans and daemons. Life as the daughter of the powerful Head Consul was surprisingly uneventful: school, training, and homework. That is until the “sinfully irresistible” Lyre, the “enigmatic and lethal” Ash, and the destructive Sahar Stone converge in an explosive way snapping her out of her reverie. Framed for stealing the Stone, she runs for her life with only Lyre and Ash to aid her. She embarks on a deadly quest to clear her name and quite possibly loose her heart.

Chase the Dark definitely tilts the scale more towards contemporary fantasy than paranormal romance...for now. But, romance fans will be rewarded with their patience as a delicious love story slowly unravels. It’s not instantaneous and wild, but rather slow and sweet – like unexpectedly falling in love with your best friend.

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