Jul 20, 2015

The Secret (Irin Chronicles 3)

The Secret book cover

by Elizabeth Hunter
book review rating 4 out of 5

I SAT DOWN one morning in July with a steamy cup of coffee and The Secret with the intent of reading a chapter, or two at most. Somehow, I ended up hours later with the last sip of my coffee long taken, the breakfast dishes untouched in the sink, and an overflowing basket of laundry begging for my attention. Fortunately, it wasn’t a complete waste of a day. I’d like to think of it as feeding my imagination – a crucial skill for any designer. You understand, don’t you hubby? 😉

The Secret, by Elizabeth Hunter, is a fantastic last book to end the Irin Chronicles trilogy. I thought I had Ms. Hunter figured out – that she builds her story slowly to conclude with a BANG! I was so happily wrong. The Secret is engaging from the start. She draws you into the story with love, valor, and redemption, and maintains a consistent and exciting storyline that will have your heart racing time and time again as it unfolds.

Ava and Malachi’s love for one another has helped them survived some of their hardest days. But, the darkest days has yet to come. With Malachi still recovering his memories of the warrior he was once, and Ava continuing to uncover the secrets of her origin (btw, the secret is huge), can they discover the light to save their dying race (actually races because of said secret)? The answers lie with a group of powerful allies, but to surrender them, they want the Irin to play a pivotal role in their own agenda. Meanwhile time is running out as the Grigori forces descend upon Vienna and the Irin world to once and for all annihilate the entire race.

The story is very engaging in many respects: flow of action, unveiling of secrets, etc. My favorite has to be the ambiguity of how Ms. Hunter presents the notion of good verses evil; that is, the two camps are not mutually exclusive. Can a Grigori be heroic? What if an Irin murders? Many times I thought I knew who was friend and who was foe, but Ms. Hunter kept me guessing until the very end.

While The Secret is the conclusion of Ava and Malachi’s journey, I’m thrilled that Ms. Hunter is not quite ready to leave the Irin world just yet. She still has many stories to tell. I do hope that Ava and Malachi will return as guests in those stories. Nevertheless, they and others will be fondly remembered.

DIGRESSION: I know many of you can relate to finishing a book in one sitting. ;) Which book was it that captivated you so completely that you could do nothing but just enjoy the moment and escape into that world? Please share. Thanks!

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