Jul 6, 2015

The Scribe (Irin Chronicles 1)

The Scribe book cover

by Elizabeth Hunter
book review rating 4 out of 5

THE SCRIBE, BY Elizabeth Hunter, is an exciting journey into a secret world of ancient evil and powerful magic set against the backdrop of an exotic and beautiful Istanbul.

Hidden at the crossroad of the world is an ancient and powerful race. An Irin’s magic is written; an Irina’s magic is spoken. Mated, they are nearly invincible. Except, the Irinas have vanished. Those who remain continue to protect humanity from the ravenous Grigori forces even as they die from within. There hasn’t been an Irina spotted in over 200 years, that is, until now.

From childhood, Ava Matheson has always been surrounded by relentless whispers in a language unknown to mankind. She’s traveled around the globe and studied countless languages, yet still the origins to these mysterious whispers remain elusive. She finds herself in Istanbul in search for answers to quiet the whispers but instead finds an unspoken voice so powerful it resonates to her very soul. Malachi, a stoic Irin warrior, finds Ava a miracle amongst his race and has sworn to keep her safe at all costs…even from himself.  

Ava is an eccentric character. She’s worldly, creative, and compassionate – a strong yet delicate female. However, she can be mercurial. Her polarized reactions are far and few between. Unlike other reviews I’ve read, I find it slightly distracting, not unforgivable.

Despite that, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed The Scribe. It’s a fast-pasted contemporary fantasy book with a good mix of suspense, adventure, humor, and romance. Plus, the story ended with such an unexpected cliffhanger. Ms. Hunter is such a tease, dangling a huge carrot in the last chapter. I’ve succumbed to the temptation and have already read halfway through The Singer even as I’m finishing this review. You’ll definitely want to have book two of the Irin Chronicles ready.

Your Story Awaits
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