Jul 31, 2015

A Glance Back at July

We mom's have a secret mission – to be the cool one in front of our children and their friends. So on our return from a field trip, I took my son and his friends to Leatherby's - a delicious ice cream parlor. This made me think, Selecting a new book is a lot like deciding on what flavor of ice cream to have. We all have it – that one flavor that is sure to please. I'm of the boring sort; vanilla always satisfies. But the plethora of options made me want to try something new. Salted caramel to be exact. I love caramel; I enjoy salt. What could go wrong? My taste buds completely objected. Which is the case with the psychological thriller, The Girl on the Train. It is a publishing sensation I couldn't resist. Unfortunately, it is definitely a salted caramel.

The Scribe (Irin Chronicles 1)
by Elizabeth Hunter

THE SCRIBE, BY Elizabeth Hunter, is an exciting journey into a secret world of ancient evil and powerful magic set against the backdrop of...
The Singer (Irin Chronicles 2)
by Elizabeth Hunter

WITH SUCH A dramatic ending in The Scribe, the only thing that kept me from immediately burying my nose in Elizabeth Hunter’s The Singer...
The Secret (Irin Chronicles 3)
by Elizabeth Hunter

I SAT DOWN one morning in July with a steamy cup of coffee and The Secret with the intent of reading a chapter, or two at most. Somehow...
The Girl on the Train
by Paula Hawkins

I'M COMPLETELY TORN! My feelings for The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins, is like a ping pong ball volleying between...

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