Jun 22, 2015

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls book cover

by Patrick Ness, Jim Kay (illustrator)
book review rating 4 out of 5

IT DOESN'T HAPPEN very often, but A Monster Calls, by Patrick Ness, is a heartwrenching story that moved me to tears. Winner of both the Carnegie Medal for literature and the Kate Greenaway Medal for illustration, A Monster Calls is darkly comedic and achingly sad.

Connor, a 13-year old boy, has been experiencing the same nightmare since his “mum” began her treatments, “the one with the darkness, the wind, and the screaming.” The one with the hand slipping from his grasp, lost to him forever, that always ended –

And then he wakes up covered in sweat only to be greeted by another nightmare…the monster. At precisely seven minutes past midnight, the monster comes calling. This one is something different – ancient and worldly, wild and destructive. It has come because of Connor.

Here is what will happen, Connor O’Malley…I will tell you three stories. Three tales from when I walked before… And when I have finished my three stories, you will tell me a fourth…and it will be the truth.

Your truth.

When dreams and reality become a blur, A Monster Calls, will keep you guessing who or what exactly is the true nightmare. The answer is in the fourth story – a powerful revelation behind Connor’s truth. Ready your Kleenex, this one is a bit of a tearjerker, and well worth reading!

Your Story Awaits
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