May 1, 2015

The False Prince (Ascendance Trilogy 1)

The False Prince book cover

by Jennifer A. Nielson
book review rating 4 out of 5

JENNIFER NIELSON'S THE False Prince is a thrilling first installment in The Ascendance Trilogy filled with action-packed adventures, secret identities, and a shocking final revelation that will leave readers breathless.

In the kingdom of Carthya, the royal family is brutally murdered leaving the realm on the brink of a civil war. To prevent a divided kingdom, Connor, a regent of the court, devises a treasonous plan to install an impostor as the king’s long-lost son – Prince Jaron.  Four orphans are swept away from their impoverished living conditions, and inserted into Connor’s palatial estate to compete in a twisted game for the role of the puppet prince: Latamer, Tobias, Roden, and the defiant Sage. When Connor orders the death of one of the less qualified orphans, Sage knows that his life hangs precariously on the outcome of the competition.

Impersonation…or, execution.

The stakes are extremely high. But, Sage's remaining opponents have their own hidden agendas as well.

Borrowed from a student in Ms. Neilson’s high school debate team, Sage is a “charming, brilliant, and relentlessly mischievous” 14-year old boy. His wit and sarcasm combine to deliver hilarious and clever verbal swordplay. BUT, he is also vulnerable and flawed; his plans are more passion-driven than they are strategic, his executions are often spontaneous, and his outcomes are rarely predictable. One thing is for certain; where other players have no clue that all the rules of the game are subtly being rewritten, Sage always seems to stay one step ahead.

I highly recommend The False Prince for the adventure-loving readers. It will not disappoint!

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